The Liberal Mindset: Do as I do, Not as I do.

  • Barack Obama warns us all that we need to be good global citizens and understand that we can’t keep our thermostats at 72 degrees… yet when its icy in Washington DC he has the heat turned up in the Oval Office so high that you could “grow orchids“.
  • Joe Biden calls paying taxes patriotic and Barack Obama warns us that we all need to pay our fair share and take care of the “least of these” yet neither give much at all to charity.  If you think a cause such as third-world country abortions is so worthy, why not give your own money to it?  Or is it just better to take the money of American taxpayers to support your causes so you can hold on to your own wealth?
  • And while President Obama promised his stimulus package would be without pork and would be highly targeted to get the economy moving again, very little of the package is actually stimulus, and is actually mostly pork.  While President Obama promised there was no ownership on ideas and that the best ideas would be used to create jobs and get the economy moving, by Team Obama’s own numbers the GOP Plan creates more jobs and costs taxpayers considerably less, yet he isn’t considering their plan because he “won“.  Hundreds of economists, Nobel Laureates included, oppose Obama’s so-called stimulus plan.

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