Finally, a Tax Cheat with Self-Respect?

Maybe it was an oversight, maybe it was more, but President Obama’s nominee for the newly concocted position of “Performance Czar” has withdrawn her name from consideration. Why? Because like Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel and other prominent Democrats, Nancy Killefer was caught avoiding her taxes. Does she actually have some self respect and appreciate the need for Washington officials to live by the same rules as the rest of us, or is she a sacrificial lamb designed to take the heat of the Daschle tax controversy? Who knows, but its about time someone appointed by President Obama is accountable since he apparently is not. So much for this change he promised. With lobbyists and tax cheats abound, and a pork-filled stimulus package that is anything but stimulus…. it is quite clear that Obama’s administration is business as usual afterall. UPDATE: Apparently Tom Daschle has just withdrawn as well. Finally a little accountability and responsibility in the Obama White House. Its a little too late to keep from tarnishing the Great “O” after appointing other tax cheats, lobbyists and the like. It should have happened sooner, but I applaud President Obama and Mr. Daschle from stopping the problem before it got worse.


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