I am absolutely perplexed with Americas obsession with the liberal left and their propaganda! I was also thinking, as I was driving, that Dems are afraid of Sarah Palin! She may not be the intellectual that the left craves, but she represents the simple, down to earth citizens of this nation! This is the scariest of times for the USA or should I say USSA, Comrades!

God bless<


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  1. Bryan Minear on

    i am in total agreement man. the Dem’s are always looking for someone that will carry out their wishes, someone that can be molded to what they want. Palin is a trooper, she is a rebel, a Christian, Pro-Lifer? come on, they, including the liberal media will do everything that they can to try and crush her because they know what someone like that can do to the minds they are trying to win over. She is a threat to them, and as long as they have CNN, and NBC in their pocket, we will hear horrible stories about her. When i saw her speak in Marietta before the election i was in awe. she was nothing like they portray her on tv, she is just like us, a simple small town women with people’s hearts on her mind. and God-Forbid we put ANYONE in office that has the rights, hopes, and dreams of the POEPLE in mind.

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