Reformer’s Creed

I got this creed from a good friend of my is preaching reformation! I don’t take this lightly!

As a reformer, I hereby pledge unwavering allegiance to the Kingdom of God. With this pledge, I take on the challenge of paying the price at the cost of protecting the biblical principles America was founded on. With a heart of purity and a life led by holy fear for our nation’s Creator, I declare I will live the life of a reformer. Although I live under the flag of the red, white and blue, I am guided by the banner of the blood of Jesus Christ.

With a heart of reformation:

I will not allow the kingdom of darkness to steal the life of the unborn.
I will not allow the evil seed of Islamic influence to rule in the United States of America.
I will not allow the sacred covenant of marriage between a man and a woman to be constitutionally redefined.
I choose to operate with a heart of violent worship unselfishly devoted to ushering in the glory of God that crushes the enemy’s camp.
I will not live within the four walls of the church and be ruled by fear and intimidation.
I will challenge the culture and effectively aid in the transformation of the church.
I will overturn ungodly principles and decrees declared from the mouths of evil representatives who have staked their unrightful place in the political arena.
May our ears always be inclined to the voice of the Captain of the Hosts. It is my solemn vow to live the life of a reformer. Let our yes be yes. Let our no be no. As we seek first the Kingdom of God, we will walk in authority to execute righteous judgments in the land. As our footsteps of reformation are burned in the ground, may it cause a holy consumption of all unrighteousness. May our war cry of reformation always be to advance the Kingdom of God.


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