Perplexed 2

So as I was reading the first perplexed I had this thought pop into my head. It was a thought how most people label Christians as bigots and haters. It is funny to me, because it seems as though those that are calling us those names are the ones that are the bigots and the haters. Christians should welcome this because it states in the Bible that blessed are the persecuted for My Name’s sake!

I believe it is time for a Spiritual Revolution! A Repentance Revolution for our nation, for Christians, for the atheists, for the agnostic, for the buddhists, for every walk of life! It is time for Repentance, Renewal, Reform, and Revolution!

Please, oh God, open up our eyes so that we may see the bigger scope of things, to see the war that is being played out around us! This unseen war that wages for our soul! Let our spiritual eyes be open and let us pray without fainting, let us take up the Sword of the Spirit, and put on the whole armor so that we can StandFast!!!

Father forgive our nation, heal our land! Forgive us of killing innocent children, forgive us for tolerating sin! I stand in the GAP for this country and say rise up the Remnant Church to root out to tear down and to rebuild the very moral fabric of this nation. Let us bring in the endtime harvest!!! Heal this Land Father!!!!


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