This is the End……

All of us who worried that Barack Obama was a socialist were crazy… right?

Let’s see. The government controls much of the banking/finance/insurance industries. The government effectively controls the auto industry. The government just fired GM’s CEO. The government is forcing the sale of a private American company (Chrysler) to a foreign corporation (Fiat). The government wants to control what kind of car your drive and know how and when you drive it. The government is working on controlling your health care, choosing what medical services you get and when you get them. The government is working on a Cap & Tax plan that will add new control and taxes, along with a smart grid system where the government can actually control the thermostat in your house. The current tax plan and policies are admittedly designed to be a “redistribution” from one wealth class to another. And the Treasury Secretary is asking for greater powers over corporations and companies, regardless of whether or not they received any tax payer dollars.

Doesn’t sound like the march to socialism at all, does it?

What is the government not doing? Stepping in to replace union bosses or work on union contracts. I wonder why.


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