Revolution of Righteousness

I believe that it is time for a revolution of righteous living among the saints of God! No more of this wishy-washy living. It is time to call what is wrong, wrong and what is right, right!! Enough of this crap from so-called “spiritual leaders” going back on what they say about homosexual marriages!

If you read this blog or see what I have written about Mr. Warren, it is time that you repent and turn back to the true and living God! Don’t get me wrong we need to love them as we would anyone else, but we need to hate the sin! God the Father called it an abomination about a man sleeping with another man and vice-versa! Where is your righteousness, what have you done with your voice!

You have been stifled, you have allowed the enemy to deceive you, and most importantly you have allowed yourself to be given to every wind of trickery! It is also said that we should not have any fellowship with a brother who is sexually immoral, that includes all forms!!!


Repent America!!!

Please Father if you find, but one righteous, spare our land!!

Humble yourselves, call out to the FATHER and He will HEAL our land!!!!!

Enough of these godless laws and policies, stand up for what is Righteous and He will spare our land, our nation!!! We still have time!!!!!!


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  1. 13mdesign on

    AMEN!!!! stand up!!! the betrayer is at hand!!!!!!! RISE UP!!! i’m glad that God has put it on your heart to speak out for what you truly believe, now if only the rest of the Christian population would take it amongst themselves to be revolutionaries we might be able to accomplish something!!!

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