It seems as though the mornings are the best time for me to reflect. Even though there is a screaming baby and I am still half asleep I can still find myself reflecting on the Scriptures!

I was reading in Psalm 40 and verse 10-11 really blindsided me. It says ” I have not concealed Your righteousness within my heart; I have proclaimed Your faithfulness and Your salvation. I have not hid away Your steadfast love and Your truth from the great assembly.” This made me reflect back to when I was a new Christian and I was so zealous to reach out and share my faith and joy with others. Sure, I may have cast my pearls before swine, but I was bold and told those about His great love. As I began to reflect on more recent dates I find myself less zealous, but more willing to build a relationship with those that I want to reach.

I had to step back and repent, as well! I had to repent of not seeing people with the Father’s eyes, and not reaching out to those that are not on their way down the narrow path!

I believe it is time for us Christians to stop hiding Christ and keeping Him to ourselves. It’s time to repent and turn from this and start reaching out. Amen!


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